Easy New Year’s Eve Make-up

If you follow my blog for a while, you may have noticed, that there hasn’t been a “Beauty” post for quite a long time.

The reason for that is, that I worked for a well-known global beauty company, which preferred me not to blog about beauty. Lately there have been a few changes in the company and the PR department, where I used to work, has been given to a communication agency (for which I work now). Since the circumstances changed, also my work contract changed, so that I could start blogging about beauty again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a beauty blogger, but I liked to blog now and then about make-up, skin care or hair care. Said that I’m happy to show you a super easy New year’s eve make-up, which I created with my current favorite make-up products.


Giorgio Armani Beauty My Armani To Go The Cushion: This liquid compact foundation is super practical especially on-the-go. I love how it immediately merges with the skin and creates a buildable coverage and a light, “no make-up” sensation. Shop it here. 

YSL Couture Contouring Palette: Personally I’m a huge fan of YSL Beauty products, next to the quality of the product itself I love the iconic gold packaging, it makes them look so chic and high class. To contour my face I currently love using the Contouring Palette from YSL. I use the matte contour shade to shape and the light highlighting shade to illuminate my face. I added a little contour-guide below for you, which shows you how to correctly contour your face. Shop it here.

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Palette: To give my skin a luminous glow I use the Afterglow Highlighter palette. Depending on my make-up I use the four shades individually or I mix them together to create a custom highlight. I love the glowy, strobed effect that the palette creates! Shop it here.

Giorgio Armani Prima Refreshing Make-up Fix: Well, even on perfectly balanced skin, as the hours go by, external factors can prevent make-up from lasting all day long: the make-up glow doesn’t last and smudges, losing its impact. To keep my morning-fresh-face all day long I use the the Armani Prima Refreshing Make-Up Fix to set the make-up. Shop it here.


Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette: It’s no secret that the UD Naked palettes are my favorite eyeshadow palettes. I think it’s great how they are all adapted to create different specific make-up looks. The Naked Smoky, which I used for this look is loaded with ALL the essentials you need for the perfect neutral smoky eye. Shop it here.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Wonder Black: I admit I’m not a faithful Mascara user, I like to change Mascaras and I also use different ones at the same time. I heard a lot about these Helena Rubinstein mascaras, so that I decided to test them by myself and well, now I understand why everyone is enthusing about them! The volume it creates is amazing and the thing I love the most about it, it’s also a lash care at the same time. The formula contains a pro-keratin and Ceramide R serum. Pro-keratin acts on the surface to repair damaged and weakened areas along the lash. Ceramide R penetrates deeply to protect and smoothe the lash stem, making it appear more dense and beautiful. Coated by the serum, the eyelashes are fully conditioned. Shop it here. 


YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01: I owe a lot of lipsticks from different brands, but YSL will always be my favorite one. I just love the range of colors they offer and the high color pigmentation of their lipsticks (especially the mat ones). On these festive days the classic red one is my daily companion. Shop it here. 

Jewelry: Swarovski Henrietta Collection


Well, I hope you liked this “first” beauty post. Let me know what you think of it. Said that, I wish you all a happy and successful new year!