Hello there guys!

Long time no talk, but today I’m back with some great and interesting news: a review about the Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954/00 hair removal. When I posted the unpacking on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, a lot of you wrote me private messages asking what I think about it and if it really works. Finally I can reveal a few more information, in order to get you more familiar with this laser hair removal.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954/00:

It promises to give a smooth and hair free skin for six month. Philips says that “Objective studies show up to 92% hair reduction in as little as three treatments.”The Philips Lumea Prestige comes with three different attachments for different body parts : for the body (legs, arms etc.) , face, armpits and bikini area.

How it works:

The IPL (intensed pulsed light) works with light impulses in order to stop the regrowth of the hair. Wavelengths are emitted into the skin, which get absorbed by pigments (the hair). The produced heat kills the growing cells, from which appear the hairs. The follicle will be put into a resting phase, which means that hair growth gradually declines.


First of all I highly recommend to read the manual, in order to fully understand the treatment and to see if the device is suitable for you. I would also suggest you to first test it on a skin patch, to see if you don’t have any side effect.

Shave immediately before you use the Lumea Prestige. If your skin is not shaved properly, it might sting. After shaving make sure your skin is dried. Don’t apply any moisturiser.

How to use:

The IPL comes along with a smart skin sensor, which makes the whole process very quick and easy. So basically you just have to turn on the decive, hold it to your skin and press the search button. The Lumea prestige recognizes immeditaly the needed treatment intensity and suggests the level you should use (from 1 – less intense – to 5 –most intense-).

Have a look at my sister Youtube Video here, to see how to use it correctly:

Frequency of usage:

Philips recommends to use the IPL once every two weeks for the first two months. To maintain hair-free skin, repeating the treatment every four to eight weeks. This will keep your hair roots inactive and prevent hair from growing back.

Important: It’s not suitable for every skin/hair type:

The laser doesn’t work equally effective on all the skin and hair types. Ideally the contrast between the pigment in hair color and the pigment in the skin tone is high, otherwise the laser struggles targeting the pigment. That means it doesn’t work well on very fair hair (blonde, grey, white or red) and neither on very dark skin.

My opinion:

I’m using it now for a few weeks and I can indeed already see some results. I’m curious to see, how my skin will look like in a few more weeks.

If you should be interestered in buying one yourself have a look here. With the code VANESSA120 you have a discount of CHF 120!! Happy shopping!