Red is always a good idea, right? Next to black it’s my favorite colour to wear and every year it’s always a trend. Seems like we are hard-wired to this timeless, fashionable colour.

I loved reading this one article on the British Vogue, talking about the power of red. The definition of the colour sounds almost like a poem to me:

There is no other colour that is so fundamental, so fused to our primal, human itches. Red takes no prisoners. It is emphasis itself, the double underline, the stop sign, the alert, the roadblock, the alarm, the danger, the oomph, the sex, the passion, the incitement, the excitement. It’s the colour of kings and queens, war and empire, theatre and power. It is both the Devil and the blood of Christ, hell and the Holy Ghost, the animal impulse and the beating heart, red dust and the planet’s magma core. It’s the colour of life and action, the chromatic equivalent of a lipsticked kiss (with tongues) and a bloody nose. Red is adrenaline, fireworks, the break with convention. It is shame and violence and blushing and rage. Red is shorthand for high passion: think of Saturday-night red-rose sellers outside restaurants, love hearts and red knickers. It’s the colour of revolution, of Communism and reds under the bed, of Russia and China, Buddhism and Hinduism, cardinals and jezebels, horror films and high art.

I tell you I really enjoyed reading the article, it’s an older one but you can find it here.

Even if not long ago I already posted a red suit here on the blog, I couldn’t resist to take other photos with another red suit. Red suit love all along.

What do you think?