Hello from Siem Reap Cambodia! Sorry for my lack of posting, but if you follow me on Instagram (@vanessaciliberto) you know that I’m currently traveling in Asia. Right now I’m sitting by the pool and decided that it’s time to finalize my article about my Cryolipolysis treatment, which I started writing a few weeks ago. So here we go!

Have you ever heard of Cryolipolysis? No? No worries, me neither, until a few months ago. If you are interested in knowing more about this non-surgical cool-sculpting procedure to get rid off persistent fat cells keep on reading.


Cryolipolysis or so called cool-sculpting, is a treatment to remove areas of body fat, by freezing the fat cells away. This procedure is particularly suitable for problem areas with stubborn fat deposits, which can not be significantly influenced by diet or working out. The skin, nerves and muscles in the surrounding areas will be spared. The whole procedure takes around 1 to 1.5 hour and is almost pain free. Since there has been no damage caused to the skin and tissue there is not such a thing as a recovery time. After the freezing procedure it takes the body around 4-6 months to break down the frozen fat cells. Depending on the area it takes 1 to 3 sessions for a perfect result. After the third session your body needs at least a 12 months break. Please be aware that the treatment is recommendet for those who already reached their ideal weight, it’s not considered to be a weight loss measure. 


I had the amazing opportunity to test Cryolipolysis  at a medical cosmetic institution called Vanity in the heart of Zurich. At a first appointment the beautician at Vanity explained the procedure and also let me sign a survey with medical questions about my current health status. I decided to treat my saddle bags, which I already desperately tried to get rid of with sport and nutrition – no chance. So in a next step she measured and marked the affected areas and took a photo of it (to see the results after the last appointment). Then I had to lay down on my belly with bare legs. The beautician applied cold gel to the areas  and clamped the two applicators on each side. Suddenly it became really cold, until the area got naturally numbed. I had to lay there for around one hour before she removed the panels and started to massage the legs to get the blood back in circulation and soften the frozen areas. This was honestly the worst part or let’s say the most painful part of the whole procedure. The saddle bag use to be one of the more delicate areas for the treatment, therefore during the “massage” or I call it the “mini torture” I felt some pain. But well, I would say the 10 minutes of slight pain were worth it and nothing in comparison what I heard possible side effectscould be. I heard stories about, major pain or giant blue marks on the legs after the treament. Due to all this stories I was obviously kind of worried of how I would feel like during and after the Cryo. I can honestly take aways your concerns, except of the „massage“ at the end I had not pain at all and also after I didn’t have any problems with blue marks or pain. The area, which was numbed remained a little sensitive for a few days, but that’s it.


I had three treatments at Vanity Zurich to get rid of my saddle bags. I’m really happy about how my saddle bags got smaller and nearly completely disappeared. On the left leg all the fat cells have been removed perfectly. The fat deposit on the right leg seems to be a little more stubborn and the saddle bag there is not entirely removed. But in any case, after three treamtents you have to pause for 1 year. Since the body is working for a few months after the last treatment I’m optimistic, that maybe also the last bit of the inconvenient fat cushions will disappear. Let’s see!


Have a look at my sister’s review video about my visit at Vanity:


During the 12 month break there are still other treatments that Vanity offers. A good additional treamtent could be the LPG Endemologie. It’s a unique and patented connective tissue mobilization technique. The three-dimensional skin massage has also been well known for the treatment of cellulite, tightening of the skin, reduction of circumference and treatment of oedema.

Besides the Body & Wellness treatments Vanity has a great and professional variety of facial treatments which you can find on their website as well :

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