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Happy easter guys!! Hope you can enjoy some quality time with your beloved ones!

As you may read on a previous article, I moved out not long ago.

It wasn’t really planned, but it is as it is and I have to handle the situation and also my own flat. Since I’m living in Locarno only for 10 months, I rented a furnished flat. That means I can completely focus on the decoration haha.

So it was a big coincidence, that the boyfriend of a friend of mine just released his own decoration online shop called Preuvot-Herzog.

They sell a beautiful selection, which contains vases, bowls, lamps and newly also paintings. Just spotted this great painting, which I have to order for our flat in Zürich (moving with my boyfriend together in October, yes I know.. we will have two flats for three months).

I ordered nr. 1, it looks so great in my flat. You will see some photos on my blog.