I’m very happy to tell you that I had the chance to test the new HP Spectre 13.3 laptop, which is one of the world’s thinnest and most luxurious laptops on the market right now.

Before I started working with a mac two years ago, I only worked with HP laptops. Therefore, I was more than honoured to have been asked to test their newly launched product.

So where shall I start? Maybe with the first thing, which got my attention once I received the HP Spectre 13.3: the overwhelmingly classy design. Well, I used to work with different HP laptops in the past and they never convinced me a 100% with their design, nor convenience. But obviously HP was aware of these weak points of their products when they created the Spectre 13.3 and definitely exceled themselves. The newest HP gain is only 10.4 mm thick and with 1.5kg a true featherweight. It comes along in a chic, black carbon fiber and aluminum housing graded up with golden accents. The whole product is a work of art inspired by high-end furniture. The only negative aspect on the design I noticed so far is the fingerprint sensitive case. But for me this is a compromise I’m more than willing to take.

Well, since I’m not that much into technical stuff I won’t be able to tell you exactly about its technical skills (which you can by the way read all in the internet). But since I’ve been working with Mac computers for years (which was supposed to be the thinnest laptop on the market before HP released the Spectre), I can tell you about my „not-that-much-into-technical-stuff“ blogger opinion.

First thing, which is super important on a blogger’s working instrument is of course the design. And as I already mentioned, it’s a true eye candy and attracts attention everywhere I’m taking it to. In fact, while working on my blog in the train, I was already asked by other passengers what kind of laptop it is and got a lot of compliments for it.

Second thing is the convenience, as one of the world’s thinnest laptops it is obviously very light and super practical to carry around. Since as blogger, but also in my job I’m often on the go, I’m happy it doesn’t weigh too much and also doesn’t take too much space.

User-friendliness is of course another very important point. Equipped with the Windows 10 software, it is super easy to use (even if I had to get used to it at the beginning after years of using my mac).

Suma sumarum: HP created a high-capacity piece of art called Spectre 13.3. In my opinion, it’s the perfect working instrument in many ways and especially the perfect working instrument for a blogger.