If I had an unlimited Visa card…



It’s nice to dream sometimes, right?

I do it oftly, while scrolling throught different online shops and admiring all the pretty things they sell. In these moments I wish I had an unlimited credit card…

Ok you may ask yourself now why I’m bringing up this topic. Well, the other day I got contacted from Visa, if I already know the new Visa Bonus Card . Since I’m a passionated Visa user I was impressed about its advantages, like:

Best- price guarantee: That means if you buy for example a product (payed with Visa of course) and some weeks later you see the same product for less money, Visa is willed to pay you the price difference.

Shipment insurance: That’s my personal favorite, since I order a lot of things online. That means should anyting go wrong with the shipping of any order, which was payed with the Visa Bonus Card, they will pay for the circumstances.

Shopping vouchers: Once a year they give precious shopping voucher to their clients.

Bonus-Card System: With every use of the credit card you collect bonus points , which can be used to get great premiums like voucher from different online shops or stores.


And these are just a few of many, many advantages they offer.

While I was reading their prospect I let my mind wander to what I would buy, if I had an unlimited Visa Bonus card haha and well a little selection I put together for you.

Bag: Chanel

Heels: Schutz

Chain: Chanel

Belt: B-Low the belt

Ring: EF collection

Sunnies: Le Specs

Case: Stella McCartney