Hello guys! How’s life?

Here I prepared an outfit, which I would wear exactly this way (even if maybe right now it’s a bit too cold here in Switzerland).

I love scrolling through the internet on pages like pinterest, tumblr or polyvore and discover new online shops, especially on cold and snowy Sundays. That’s the way I found UNOde50, a Spanish jewelry shop, a few days ago. They offer a big range of handcrafted jewelry produced with only high-quality materials. When I was younger I didn’t really care about the materials my jewelry was made of. Well, not only I didn’t care about the material of the jewelry, neither I did about bag, shoes ecc… It just had to be fashionable and most likely, coming in high quantities.  Well, I think that’s a “growing-up” thing, that we start to care about the quality of our stuff. The quality gets more important than the quantity. But this rethinking doesn’t only comes along with materialistic things, but mostly on everything in life. Let me be more specific: Who needs 100 of friends, which only like to be by your side as long as life is good, but disappear, as soon as it gets difficult? I rather prefer to have a handful of very close friends, on which I  can rely on a 100%. Who feels me?

But back to my latest discover: While clicking through the online shop looking for earrings for women, I immediately noticed, that there’s a lot more behind UNOde50, than just a 0815 jewelry shop. I really like their idea off creating a style of jewelry, which broke away from everythign that existed until then. They wanted tradition and modernity to merge together to shape a different brand, with an ever-present handcrafted spirit that reflects exclusivity through design and quality. But convince yourself and take a look at their jewelry!

1.Necklace from UNOde50

2. Rings from UNOde50

3. Earcuff from UNOde50

4. Bracelet from UNOde50

5. Heels from Shoptiques

6. Leather jacket from IRO

7. Chanel Boy

8. Lipstick from Louboutin

9. Dress