Hello guys! Have you already been on vacay? Or do you have the pleasure, like I do, to still have it in front of you?

When it comes to go on holidays I always feel the need to buy new stuff. I don’t know why, over the years it just became a normal routine and gets me completely in thist pre-vacay feeling. Even if it’s really not necessary, since my closet is filled to overflowing. Anyway I listed here some of my favorite finds from Shopbop. I mean, how incredible wonderful is that lace romper? A little dream, don’t you think? I think with these pieces I’ll be more than ready to go to Italy in a week.

1. Romper via Shopbop

2. Wedges via Shopbop

3. Statement Earring via Shopbop

4. Iphone Case via Shopbop

5. Sunnies via Shopbop

6. Watch via Shopbop

7. Choker via Shopbop

8. Bags via Shopbop