These photos were taken right next to the place I’m currently living in Locarno.

If you follow me for a while, you surely know, that I moved to Locarno for a few months as part of my job (Academic Talent program at a big department store in Switzerland). It’s already two months ago, since I started to work and live down here. Incredible how fast time flies! I’m slowly getting used to it, but nevertheless I sometimes got these dumb emotional backslides, where I just want to go home and leave everything behind me.  Especially when I had some bad days at work. But we all know, what they use to say: to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone or: if god want’s you to grow, he makes you uncomfortable and everything you to will be rewarded one day. Currently I feel like being miles away from my comfort zone. I can’t even see it from here haha.. Who knows that feeling?

Skirt: LaRedoute

White Blouse: LaRedoute

Pumps: Minelli

Bag: Louis Vuitton