Baby blue leather jacket

Hey guys! Long time no talking. Sorry for that, but well, just had so much going on the past two weeks.

But now I finally found a bit of time for writing, just after coming home from a jogging tour around the Lago maggiore in Locarno. It was so, so beautiful!!  Really happy to have the chance to call this area my home, well my current home. As you maybe know I moved to the Italian part of Switzerland five months ago for my job. And I’ll stay here till December.

It’s funny thinking back of the first few weeks down here, when I was upset, missed home, cried a lot (let’s say daily) and thought I won’t survive the time here.  While now I found friends, with which I use to go out for dinners in Italy, spending my evenings at the lake drinking and laughing. If someone told me five months ago, that once I would like it so much down here, I would probably started yelling on them haha. Ok my boyfriend tried to cheer me up with these arguments, but I just started to be pissed at him and hanging up the phone. Sorry for that :-*. But thank you, in the end you were right <3

But I’m curious, did you ever make such an experience? Of of being pulled out of your comfort zone, that you thought there’s no way you will survive that (ok, maybe a bit exaggerated, but you know what I mean). On this point I may have to mention, I’m not really a person, who embraces changes. I like the things right the way they are and always were. Or let’s say I used to like it like that.

I would never have done it by choice, the more I’m happy I just had to! I’ve never learned more about myself and about life, then the past few months. When for once or rather for the very first time in life I was all on my own, when there was nobody I knew around me for helping me or just being with me. But do you know what’s the greatest about it? Just knowing, that you are strong enough to start over in a place, where you don’t know anybody and in language that is not yours. I would say I’ve never grown so much, like in the past few months.

Jacket: LaRedoute

Jeans: Topshop

Bag: Tory Burch via Shopbop

Pumps: Kendall and Kylie via Shopbop

Camera: Olympus Pen E-PL7