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So guys I’m sitting right now on my way back home from the place I live and I have some time, 3 hours to be exactly, to tell you about my past few weeks. Since two weeks I’m living and working in the Italian part of Switzerland.

It all happened very fast and unexpected. Shortly before we went to Australia I got a call from the office, that I will have to go to Ticino for the next 10 months. Clearly I was shocked at the beginning. First of all because I was only told four weeks before and second, because three of them I would spend on the other side of the world. I was completely knocked out of my stride, I mean how should I find a flat in one week and then it would also mean to live all alone for the first time in my life. Ok at this point I may have to mention, I LOVE my comfort zone haha, I mean who doesn’t. But I’m very strongly tied to my home, family, friends and boyfriend (typical Italian I guess). But well I didn’t had a choice, except of maybe giving up my job, but I’m not a person, who gives up. I really didn’t feel good and were scared of what would come, of being away from all my loved ones, of only (sometimes) going home on the weekends and most of all of being alone. My boyfriend was a really poor guy during these weeks.  He had to stand my constantly changing moods, but he never stopped encouraging me and talking positively to me when I was crying, he only saw the positive aspects, he just gave me so much strength. THANK YOU!! Anyway, lucky me I found immediately a beautiful flat in the internet in Locarno (with lake view!!). Didn’t even had the chance to visit it (since I was in Australia). But the mother of a friend did for me and considered it as good. Well I started two weeks ago, the people at work are all very nice and open (not as uptight as in the German part of Swizzy), this really helps. I’m slowly getting used to it, but sometimes and very unexpected I start feeling so homesick. What a bad feeling! Don’t know, I hope it will get better with the time. And in the end I mean: Ticino is a great place to spend the Summer (a lot of people from Switzerland go there for holidays). Getting out the comfort zone isn’t easy at all, but I’m sure it will be rewarded in the end. Did you make a similar experience?

To the outfit: a baby blue leather jacket is an absolutely must-have for the upcoming spring!! Imagine how pretty it will look in combo with an all white look? If you follow me on instagram (@vanessaciliberto) you surely noticed my collection of the new spring/summer Minelli shoes. They are ALL absolutely breathtaking! I can’t wait to wear them more often, as soon as it gets warmer. These black ones I was wearing are honestly the most comfortable pumps I own.

Leather Jacket: LaRedoute

Shoes: Minelli

Bag: Michael Kors via Shopbop

Jeans: here

Black blouse: here 

vanessaciliberto, thevogueword

vanessaciliberto, thevogueword