Channelling my inner Rock Girl

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Hey girls! A few years ago I used to wear more of these kinda looks.

I lately noticed, that I haven’t worn  such an outfit for some time. Currently I enjoy to wear more girly and chic looks and you maybe also  noticed, that especially in my last outfits I wore a lot of pink (I haven’t had one pink piece in my closet until a few months ago). The other day when I spent the day at home, my sister was wearing this Ramones shirt with a distressed jeans and I totally fell for the look. I told her, that I have to borrow that shirt and that I wanted to wear it with some boots and a cool leather jacket. Since she is a very nice little sister (ok I really made some pressure haha) she gave it to me. And that’s the output of it.

You know that’s exactly what I love so much about fashion, you can play with the different styles and just be creative. You can reinvent yourself day by day. May it be a super romantic girly look with a cute skirt and blouse or may it be a rock girl look like this one. I always find it so difficult, if someone asks me: What kind of style do you have? It’s hard to define, sometimes I like to wear my Nike Air Max, sometimes I love to wear my high heels and on other days I like to walk around in distressed jeans, tee and leather jacket. What about you? Do you exactly have fixed your style direction or do you like to play with different style? I find it very interesting to know how other people think about this. Because I remember that a few years ago I read on a big, big blog, that she never ever wears jeans. And I was really surprised and asked myself, why should someone restrict themself so much? Ok I have to say that person has completely changed style now, let’s say from A to Z (and wear a lot of jeans now). Maybe she just got tired to only follow her own set fashion rules. Who know!

vanessaciliberto, thevogueword, swissfashionblogger vanessaciliberto, thevogueword, swissfashionblogger vanessaciliberto, thevogueword, swissfashionblogger