Dr. Martens: From Punk to Fashion

Hi there and happy weekend, I hope you are doing well!

If you would have asked me two years ago what I think of Dr. Martens boots I’d probably have said: Ugly and not feminin at all.

Well, as you know fashion tastes can change over the years.  My Dr. Martens Boots (of which I in the meantime I own three pairs) were my favorites during this winter seasons. The coolest thing is, as you can see on these photos, they can also be worn during the warmer season. I really love to break my „girly“ looks with this edgy and punk-like boots. Fun fact is, the boot’s origins have more to do with orthopedic benefits than punk. The footwear was created by a doctor in the German Army during World War II. After they became available in the United States in 1984, they became a wardrobe staple for the hard-core punks of the ’80s and the grunge rockers of the ’90s. While a few decades ago these combat boots were typically worn by young and rebellious generations today the became a must-have item for fashionistas.

Dr Martens Boots via Footway