No compromise taken when shopping!

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you enjoyed a great weekend so far?

Today I wanted to talk about a problem I use to face from time to time: clothes, that doesn’t fit perfectly. Here I have to say, that my shopping habits have changed a lot in the last years. When I was younger and saw something that I liked, even when it didn’t fit a 100%, I bought it anyway. Now this really changed and I hardly buy clothes, if they don’t fit perfectly. I mean let’s be honest, we mostly have to take compromises when it comes to clothes shopping, right? Things like: pants that are a little too long or too short, the shirt is not as tight as desired, the skirt is a little too loose at the waist and many other things. Writing about skirts that are to loose; I just had this problem exactly one week ago: I received this parcel, which contained a wonderful lace skirt. A real gem! Even if I actually ordered my size, it was way too big at the waist. Sending it back would have cost me like 60$ and it was really the skirt I was looking for so long. So I decided to bring it to the tailor and to let adjust it. In the end I finally had my perfect fitting dream lace skirt but it was annoying and time-consuming anyway. To avoid exactly too many of these situations I like to order tailor made clothes. I know, I know it may sounds a bit spoiled or decadent, but I think it’s better to invest in a pieces that looks perfect on you, instead of 5 pieces, that are half-okeish. With Sumissura I found my favorite online tailor, at which I can also completely customize my clothes. It’s actually super easy: Choose the kind of clothes, select the fabric and insert the measures and the magic is done!

Blazer: Sumissura

Pants: Topshop

Bag: Prada

Pumps: Louboutin

Jewelry: Pandora