Olympus PEN E-PL7 accessoires

Hey guys, you have already seen a few articles on my blog dedicated to my number 1 working instrument: my Olympus Pen E-PL7.

I wrote a lot about the advantages and skills, which are hidden in this little gem. You can find all the information about what the Olympus Pen E-Pl7 is able of here and here. So to offer you some new interesting content, I decided to dedicate a whole article to the Olympus Pen accessoires. Because as fashion lovers we all know, that the Olympus Pen E-PL7 is not just a camera, not just a bloggers work instrument, no it’s so much more, it’s our daily and nightly companion. And this fact requires a 100% adjustment to our outfits, be it our cozy travel look or our super chic party outfit.
Well, Olympus is aware of the roll the PEN takes in a bloggers life, that’s why they created a range of practical and fashionable accessoires to ease our work. I selected my favorite ones for you:

Shoulder bag leather collection: Made of genuine leather and available in beige and black. This item looks stylish and elegant and comes along with all the functional advantages of a padded camera bag inside, which provides enough space for a camera, lens and smartphone. The perfect combination of traditional design and versatility.

Clutch collection: The perfect way to carry around your Olympus Pen-EPL7 to the next party! It comes along in two fashionable metallic colors, which are a true eyecatcher for sure.

Designer pouch collection: A stylish protector for your camera with padded interior to take care of your gem.

Hand strap leather collection: The slim camera hand strap is manufactured from genuine leather. Created with the highest design standards to connect fashion to photography.

Shoulder strap leather collection: These accessoires definitely catch the eye and round off any look perfectly. The slim camera shoulder strap is manufactured from genuine leather and connects fashion to photography. It is also available as necklace strap. With its black/golden or black/silver details it looks super chic and stylish. This one is my personal favorite, I’m not taking my PEN anywhere without my „chanel-look-a-like-chain“.

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