Hi there,

Wow I recently noticed, that my last blogpost about Olympus is almost 1.5 years ago. Time flies!
Well, in the meantime Olympus launched a new version of the PEN, the E-PL9. Even if at the first sight the newbie looks pretty similar to its precursors the E-PL7 and E-PL8, it offers a few notable improvements.

Internal values:
• 16 Art Filters with two new additions: Bleach Bypass and Instant Film.

• Advanced Photo (AP) mode for quicker access to creative photo modes: Photography beginners will appreciate this feature. It makes it easier to locate tools like live compositing and bulb modes, sweep panoramic capture (which is btw. a new addition), silent shooting, multiple exposures, exposure and focus bracketing, high dynamic range capture and keystoning compensation. Each tool is shown alongside pictures illustrating its function and why you might want to use it.

• Combination of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for faster image transfers to the mobile phone

• 4K video recording with the possibility to extract still images

Aesthetic values:
• The front grip and controls have been spiced up

• Built-in pop-up flash, which replaces the bundled flash strobe accessory of the preceding camera

• Top-deck speaker is gone, its location now occupied by the pop-up flash strobe, while at the same time the Mode dial has been rearranged.

• Tilt out and down touchscreen

It still comes along in a pretty retro look, which is probably the biggest optical identifying feature of the so called « Blogger » camera. With its stylish and handy look, the E-PL9 is aiming to be a cute, retro, purpose-filled photographic device. That would feel at home with fashion-conscious photographers and fashionistas. The camera is available in blue, black, white and brown. With targeting these client group Olympus managed to cover a niche not addressed by any other camera manufacturer so far. Due to the functional interchangeable lens and the small size it’s the perfect blogger tool for a daily use and on travels.
Talking of lenses: I always get a lof of requests on the lenses I’m using, so I decided to list them below and explain which lens I use for which occasion. Buf first I want to start with explaining the numbers printed on the Olympus lenses: Depending on if it’s a fixed lens there will be written only one number: f.ex. 45mm or 75mm. If the lens has a focal length range then you will find two numbers: 14-42mm (that means you can move between this range when zooming).The next number is the aperture: f.ex. 1.8 or 3.5 (the smaller the number the blurrier the background).

I use this lens mostly during travels, to capture landscapes or to do other general photos. It’s also super convenient to shoot flatlay or to vlog and make videos. Due to it’s easy handling it’s the perfect lens for starters.
45 mm:
This lens provides you with a beautiful blurry background when shooting portraits, outfits or products. That’s probably also the reason why it’s the bloggers fave. This fixed lens is super light, what makes it the perfect lens to carry around on travels.
75mm :
This lens is my absolute favorite one and shoots the most beautiful outfit photos ever. In comparison to the 45mm it’s much more heavy, what’s not very convenient when travelling. Another difference is also the price, this one is way more expensive than its little sister.
When I’m travelling I always take with me pancake, such as the 45mm lens to shoot outfits. When shooting outfits back home I’m always using the 75mm lens.

The newest Olympus family member: Olympus PEN E-PL9 is light, versatile and captures wonderful images.