“Travelling is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.“

A few weeks ago (while still being in Bali) I did a survey on Instagram, asking if you would like me to prepare a blogpost about Bali and Lombok. Well, since a few of you wrote me, that they would appreciate such a Bali & Lombok diary, here we go:

We started our journey with some complication: due to one of Bali’s volcano we couldn’t continue our journey when we arrived in Singapore. Not a big deal you may think, well after a 12 hours flight from Zurich to Singapore, without sleep it was kind of a big inconvenience for me (since I get pretty uncomfortable when I don’t sleep haha). Additionally I was a bit worried, since the flight company couldn’t tell us IF and when we could proceed with our trip. So for a moment it looked like our journey, which has just begun, was already over and we started thinking about an alternative destination. But luckily after 9 hours  and some sleep on a lounge couch we were finally told to board the aircraft. What a relief! After being up for almost 30 hours we finally made it to Densapar.

Lucky us we booked already all our hotels and transfers (via Asian Trail). So once arrived our driver was already waiting for us to pick us up and bring us to Seminyak.


All the bad mood immediately disappeared once we arrived at our lovely Pool Villa Space at Bali. Such a peaceful and beautiful place. Since we lost a whole day and only had one left we couldn’t see a lot of the area. We had in mind to visit also Canggu, which has to be very beautiful, but we haven’t had enough time. On that one day we had left we decided to stroll around the area and taking a walk at the beach and eat lunch at the Potato Head Beach Club.


Potato Head Beach Club: One of the most famous beach clubs in Bali. We walked along the beach and enjoyed a delicious lunch there.

Sardine: We went to Sardine to have a drink before having dinner. The bar/restaurant is located next to a beautiful rice field. Sitting there and sipping a cocktail, while enjoying a wonderful view over the ricefields was just magical.

Da Maria: I knooow, travelling to Asia and eating Italian is actually a no-go (even if you are Italian), BUT this restaurant is supposed to be the best Italian place in whole Seminyak. The food was very fancy, but they don’t serve the typical, classic Italian dishes, neverthless it was very, very delicious.

One day passed quickly so the next morning we already drove to the north-west of Bali by car. We had a transfer booked to bring us to the next destination, which was approximately seven hours distance away by car (including stops).  While crossing half Bali we had the chance to see a few things on the way:

Coffee tasting:

As a coffee lover it’s a must to do a coffee tasting when in Bali.  You might know , that Bali is known for the Luwak coffee, which is the most expensive coffee on earth. The main factor of its high price is the uncommon method of producing it. It has been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal. I know it’s not very appetizing, but the coffee is good. But the tasting included not only the Luwak coffee, but for example coconut coffee, vanilla coffe and many more.

Ulun Danu Beratan temple:

We stopped by at the Ulun Danu Beratan temple, which was almost free of tourists. That was probably also the reason why a lot of local people kept staring at us and then started to ask us to take photos with them. At the beginning we were a bit confused, but our guide explained us, that the people there are not used to see a lot of tourists. That’s why they like to take the chance to get a photo with them.


Well, Bali has to offer a few magical waterfalls. I’ve never visited a waterfall before and honestly didn’t understand the fascination for these, until I saw one myself. To see this treasure of nature was mesmerizing and the energy, which surrounded this place was so inspiring. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the one we visited.


After this adventurous day, which filled our minds and hearts with new impressions, we arrived in Buleleng at the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa.  This accomodation was a  recommendation of some of our friends. They really didn’t promise too much, the whole hotel area is stunning (as you can see on the photos). These days spent at the resort were so relaxing. One morning we went snorkelling (where we both burned our back badly, note to myself: use water-resistant sun protection when snorkelling). I’ve been blown away by the beauty of the sea life, next time I want to go diving.

We proceeded our journey three days later direction mountains in Munduk, where we stayed for one night in an amazing hotel called Munduk Moding Plantation. It was located in the middle of a coffee plantation. I’d say we probably had the most beautiful room with a private infinity pool with a view over the forest. It was very relaxing and calm.  One moment, which I will probably never forget, was the night sky I saw there. By night the whole area was competely dark, no disturbing lights, just completely darkness and quietness and there it was: thousands of stars in the middle of it the milky way. Magical.

The next day in the afternoon we were picked up around midday to travel to Ubud.


Ubud, Ubud, Ubud the tourist mekka of Bali. I’ve heard a lot of things about it: THE Yoga mekka, coolest place in Bali, Must-see etc. We arrived in our lovely hotel Pita Maha, which is around 10 minutes by car from the center or like 25 minutes by foot. My first impression of the village was the hectic life and tons of tourists. Neverthless I liked to stroll through the little shops and the Ubud market for some souvenirs. We only had 2.5 days in Ubud and that’s what we did there:

Monkey Forest & Cremation ceremony

Well, the Monkey forest is probably the most touristic (over 10’000 visitors per month) thing to do there and I honestly wouldn’t visit it again. The monkey’s tend to be pretty aggressive, that’s why I kept walking very worried through the forest with the fear of being attacked by a monkey haha. In the forest three beautiful Hindu temples are located. While walking through the forest we had the possibility to testify a big religious ceremony taking part. I’m not sure if I remember entirely what our guide told us and I couldn’t find any more infos on the internet. In any case they digged up the bodies from the cemetery (that’s a ritual after a few years) to cremate the remains in order to give the last peace to the soul. It was pretty scary, since all the graves were open, but very interesting to have the chance to see such a ceremony.

Yoga lessons:

Since Ubud is known to be THE Yoga Mekka and me being a big Yoga lover I obviously had to visit a few Yoga lessons. Actually I planned to visit Yogabarn, which is a pretty well-known yoga centre in Ubud. But on that morning on the way to breakfast I discovered a little Yoga studio in the hills of Ubud called Intuitive flow. Luckily there were still a few places left, so that I could participate a 1.5 hours Vinyasa flow with the most wonderful view over the forest.


The offer of restaurants in Ubud is huge. I listed below the ones we visited:

Açai Queen for breakfast:

When in Bali then eat Açai, right? We found Açai Queen in the middle of Ubud.

It’s a pretty small place, but decorated with love. The Açai was, let’s say, okaish, not the best I had, but it looked pretty on the photos haha.

Yellowflower café for breakfast: 

This lovely place is located in the hills of Ubud, near the Intuitive Yoga studio. The Açai bowl was much better than the one we had at Açai Queen and also the Avocado toast was delicious.

Mudra Café for brunch:

We had to wait15 minute to be seated, since the place is very small. But the food was really good and the offer of vegan and veggie, healthy food is big. A plus was also the fact, that they don’t support the cruelity of the dairy industry, nor the carbon footprint of the imports to Bali. For example they don’t use regular milk, only fresh hand-pressed coconut and soy milk. BIG LIKE.

Uma Cucina for dinner:

And another Italian place we loved haha (don’t judge me, I just can’t be without Italian food for too long).

Magical, hidden ricefields in the heart of Ubud:

We discovered some wonderful ricefields in the middle of Ubud. Only a wood plate indicated the way, which in the chaos of Ubud got a bit lost. We were curious to discover these “magical ricefields”, so we started walking. At the beginning we were sceptical, since we passed some shabby, old buildings and the way was very tight, not well-groomed and a bit gloomy. But after 10-15 minutes walking in the heat, in front of us immediately popped up a magical landscape. It was mesmerizing and looked like a painting.


So from Bali we travelled to Lombok to pass our last days there. Unfortunately I can’t tell you too much about Lombok, because I had a food poisoning and spent most of the time in our room, suffering haha. We stayed at the Hotel Tugu in the north of the island. We planned to visit the island Gili Air, which is only 10 minutes distance by boat, but unfortunately that was not possible. So we only enjoyed our hotel beach. Which was very beautiful. I love walking along the beach and collect shells and observe the water life. That’s something I can spend hours with and definitely something I could do at its best in Lombok. I’ve actually never seen such a beautiful beach in my entire life, starting with the transparent water and the various shells and seastars. So if you are travelling in Bali and are up to spend some time at the beach (at a nice beach) I highly recommend to visit Lombok.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this super long travel diary and hopefully found some useful tips for your next Bali/Lombok trip. If you have any questions just drop me an email.