New York you got my heart once again


I’ll never forget the feeling when I visited this metropole for the first time. It was two years ago and it was a gift from my dad for my sister and me. I heard a lot of good things about New York, but you know how it usually is: Things or places get hyped so much, that you go there with this high expectation and then usually you are disappointed. But not in New York.

The city got me breathless from the very first time I stood there in the middle of Times Square, completely jetlagged and tired after a 8 hour flight. But I was so overhelemd from all these lights and the people around me, that I remained speechless for a moment. The next days were filled with sightseeing and discovering all the variety New York has to offer. I love the vibes there, it’s hard to describe, but New York has this specific vibes, it makes you feel like that just everything is possible.Maybe you feel me… It’s just magical. When I returned home I knew that it wasn’t the last time there. So two weeks ago I returned there with my boyfriend. Neverthless he has seen half of the world, he hasn’t been in New York yet. What a shame haha! I was really enthusiastic to show him this incredible city and at the same time curious, if he would feel the same way. And indeed he did. Not being a man of a lot of words or deep emotions he admitted to love these special vibes there. Have you ever been to New York? And do you feel the same way as I do?