5 steps how to bake Unicorn Muffins

Hello guys, if you follow me on Instagram, you surely have seen my stories from last weekend, when I baked some Unicorn Muffins with my Mom. While I would consider my cooking skills as pretty good, my baking skills are not that developed (yet). Neverthless, I asked my Mom, if she had the time to bake something for my blog. She thought I was kidding when I proposed to bake Unicorn Muffins (since she knows, that my baking skills are not the best). But obviously I wasn’t, so we decided to accept this challenge and to bake Unicorn Muffins. Regarding the fact, that we hadn’t a clear idea how to do it, I think they turn out pretty good. And that’s how we baked them:


1. Pastry:
Since the focus is on the appearance, we decided to take it easy on the pastry and went for a pretty simple one. It’s a basic one, which can be adapt individually (e.g., put in chocolate cubes in etc.).

250g Flour
2 tsp. Baking Powder
½ tsp Natron
1 Egg
125g Sugar
1 Pack vanilla sugar
80ml Oil
250g Natural Yoghurt
200 g Bananas

Bake it for 25 minutes.

2. Butter Cream:
The butter cream is an essential ingredient for the decoration. The baked muffins will be topped with the cream in order to create a regular surface, which is important for the fondant cover.

The ingredients for the butter cream are the following:

250g Butter
200g Condensed Milk
1 Pack Vanilla Sugar

3. Fondant Coat:
We coverd the baked, and with butter cream glue-brushed, muffins with white and black fondant coats. Since we bought a fondant clump we first had to roll it out, until it had a good thickness and after we cut out round forms, with which we carefully covered our muffins.

4. Fondant Horn and Ears:
I have tried to visual it on the photos, so that you do not need to much of an explanation. On the photo, you can see how we formed the horn, afterwards I pierced it with a tooth pick, you will see on the next steps why. Same for the ears. After we colored them with food colorant.

5. Stick the pieces together:
Well and as soon as you have prepared all the single pieces you can start stick them in the muffins. We always placed first the horn than the ears, drew some blush, stuck the eyes and the decor together.

So at the end I have to say, that baking unicorn muffins is really not difficult, just veryyyy time-intense (at least it was for us). But I think someone with better baking skills will probably be faster then we were. How do you like our little Unicorn Muffins?