Well, it has been a while since I talked to you, sorry for that!

I know that a few of you return regularly on my blog to read something new and leave it kind of disappointed because you couldn’t find a new blogpost. While I used to update my blog on regular basis, I don’t do it anymore that regularly. I had the feeling lately that not a lot of people are reading blogs anymore, or at least not as much as in the past. Checking on the newest trends and looks instagram is definitely the better platform than a blog. Due to that  I changed the concept of this blog at the beginning of the year, with the aim to create more informative blogposts rather than just the ususal outfit post, in order to “offer” you a bit more content. But as you might imagine/know writing a blogpost about a specific topic (e.g. my last blogpost about the new Lumea prestige) is way more time intense than just posting something on instagram. With life being busy (as usual haha) and a new super exciting project going on, the blog was not the first priority on my never ending to do list. blog

So with this article I wanted to check with you and ask you, if you are still reading blogs? I mean honestly speaking before instagram became so popular I also used to scroll more often  through lifestyle-and fashionblogs than I do now. I still read blogs, especially when I’m looking for a delicious receipt or for something specific like for example a packinglist for backpacking. Talking about backpacking: I don’t think I’ve already told you, that I’ll be travelling around for two months in autumn. I think I will find the inspiration and let’s say maybe also the time to sit down and write a few more words for you. I also thought about to maybe create a few blogpost before and during the the trip, which could be useful for you, articles like: Backpacking for beginners or backpacking as an influencer and so on. Sorry for this short change of topic  haha.. Anyway I’m really curious to hear your opinion. Do you still read blogs? Do you think people changed and read less blogposts? If yes, why? What kind of blogs are you interested in reading? Looking forward to hear your thoughts!