The really important things in life

Hello my lovely folks! Hope you are doing good? I just arrived home from the airport.

We spent the last few days in my father’s home town in Calabria, Italy (hope you watched all my Instagram Stories haha). It has been years since I have been there. You know when I was a kid, we used to go there every Summer. We went there by car and that means 21 hours of driving. It was always such an adventure for us kids, my mother prepared a lot of “Panini” and “Polpette” and put them in the portable fridge, which were located between us kids, I just LOVED this travels. Unfortunately in my teeny years I had other priorities, than visiting my family in the South of Italy, that’s why it has been a few years since I was there the last time. But growing up brings the perks (yes, there are also perks, not only the getting older and getting wrinkles) to recognize what’s really important in life. I’ll try not to get too poetic now (I lately tend to be a little over the top-kitschy-poetic). And what are the really important things in life? For me it’s not the money, the designer clothes or all the expensive, materialistic stuff, but the people in my life. The one’s that I love and that love me and that no matter what are always there for me. People that surround me in good times, but even more important in bad times and this people are my family and my friends. I’m really happy to have had this change of mind. Don’t misunderstand me, I still love pretty clothes, shoes and bags :D. But it’s not that important anymore, to buy myself a super expensive bag or shoes, I’d rather invest that money in travels or events with my beloved ones.

Who feels me?

I wish you a very good night, xoxo V <3.

I was wearing:

Bag: Furla via Shopbop

Shoes: Superga